Health benefits

Bienfaits réflexologie

Foot Reflexology: to restore balance in the body

réflexo plantaireReflexology, a non-intrusive pressure point therapy, is a powerful healing tool. It is also a recognized preventive health care. This alternative medicine does not only treat symptoms but also addresses the causes of the dysfunction. Its benefits are numerous :

  • Provides deep and lasting relaxation
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Restores the natural and physiological balance of our system

Reflexology can help to maintain or restore our natural physiological balance, hence encouraging the body into healing itself. It also improves well-being and vitality, both physically and emotionally.

Thanks to reflexology treatments, our metabolism soon recovers balance and harmony in the most natural way.

Facial and Skull Reflexology: a powerful relaxation treatment

reflexo-facialeFacial and skull reflexology focuses on specific pressure points on the face and the skull bones, which act as a projection of body areas on the skull and the face.

By stimulating nerve endings, facial and skull reflexology reduces tensions and offers deep relaxation. It is particularly effective in cases of migraines, ear, nose and throat disorders and to feel rejuvenated.

Hand reflexology : for a greater hand flexibility

Hand reflexology is particularly suited for anyone suffering from arthritis, pains and aches in hands and arms. Elderly people are keen on this method, and so are women suffering from swollen arms, following  a chemotherapy for example.

Complementary to foot reflexology, palmar reflexology is very useful to fight against carpal tunnel syndromes, rheumatism, arthritis, etc.

Back Reflex Massage : to regulate the nervous system

More than a mere relaxing massage, Back Reflex Massage stimulates the function of the organism, in particular the regulation of the nervous system. It activates resting process, digestion and waste disposal.

It has an action on the consequences of the stress, both physical and psychological. It can also be recommended in cases of back pain but it does not replace a treatment by a physiotherapist nor an osteopath.

It induces a deep relaxation, a better blood circulation and releases the physiological and emotional stress accumulated in our tissues.

Health benefits

Therapeutic reflexology caters for all age groups, from young babies to elderly people. It is a powerful natural therapy which can help anyone who may be suffering from the following :

  • Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, nervous tension
  • Depression, burn out, general fatigue
  • Headaches caused by stress or repetitive positions
  • Muscular pain in the neck, shoulders and back
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Digestive dysfunction
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Allergies
  • Pelvic pain
  • Comfort at all stages in life

If you want to feel less stressed, more relaxed or develop a more positive approach to life, if you are looking for ways to relieve aches and pains or revitalize your energy levels in a natural way, please contact Nathalie Morris. She will be delighted to answer any questions and discuss your individual needs before making an appointment.