Appointments in the Tri-Border region, in Saint-Louis and Huningue

With a significant international community living and working in the Basel region, Nathalie gives appointments in two places in France with easy access from Basel and its area : in the city centre of Saint-Louis (France) and also in Huningue, with direct access from Basel on tram 8 and by bus.

Sessions can be conducted in both French and English.

If you’d like more information on reflexology or discuss the benefits of this practice for your personal case before making an appointment, please feel free to contact Nathalie by phone (+33 6 22 23 10 95) or by email.

Hygia Santé à Saint-Louis

30 avenue de Bâle
68 300 Saint Louis

Cabinet Ostéopathie Charles Groell à Huningue

10 rue de France
68330 Huningue