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I’ve suffered from migraines and constipation all my life. At the age of 60, after trying every prescription medicine available, I turned to reflexology, although my expectations were quite low to find a cure.  Much to my surprise, after only 2 sessions, both problems were solved. Thanks to Nathalie Morris, I’ve not experienced any more migraines, nor constipation since starting my treatment. I now receive reflexology treatments regularly with Nathalie because I want to maintain my new feeling of well-being. I very much enjoy her caring attitude, her readiness to answer my questions and the way she adapts my sessions to my needs and requests. I highly recommend Reflexology and Nathalie!


When I met Nathalie Morris, I was suffering from various ailments for which I was receiving medication. Underpinning these physical conditions was a long-term depression, which caused low self-esteem and stress. After a couple of sessions I felt more relaxed, more confident and my psychological state of mind improved: I was less depressed, with a greater sense of purpose. Some of the physical problems have improved too and I feel fitter but the main benefit was the improvement of my state of mind. Thanks to the reflexology sessions with Nathalie Morris, I was also able to stop some of the medications I was on, including those to treat depression. Nathalie’s approach to the therapy has been holistic, answering fully all my questions and developing a sense of confidence.


I was introduced to reflexology by a friend, who advised me it may help alleviate my constant feeling of tiredness associated with my suffering from sleep apnea. Apart from the profound relaxation I felt from the very first session with Nathalie Morris, I have found that I leave each session feeling much more energetic, as if my batteries had been recharged. I feel that the quality of my sleep has improved and I’m able to get up and go more easily in the mornings.

Not having ever tried reflexology before, I did not know what to expect. Nathalie has taken the time to explain what she was doing and how the pressure points on my feet correspond to my breathing and how it is relevant to my condition. I have certainly seen an improvement in the quality of my life since starting my reflexology treatments.


I have worked in an office for most of my professional career and as a result, I have suffered from stiffness in my joints and muscles which are associated with such a sedentary lifestyle.

Thanks to a number of reflexology sessions with Nathalie Morris, I’ve rediscovered a more supple back and some of the knots and tensions in my aching muscles have been relieved. I’ve also noticed that I was able to relax more easily since the beginning of the treatment. Nathalie is extremely passionate and professional about her work and I would not hesitate to recommend her.